“…The true hero is the unsung one who does his or her daily shift, puts food on the table for the children, gives them an education and a roof over their heads.” –Camus

In business, and society generally, we need leaders. And in both cases, we depend upon a collective effort to achieve great things. One of the unfortunate by-products of these facts is the assigning of “hero” status to all manner of leaders, and the admonition that happiness comes with major achievements.

While there are certainly heroes amongst successful leaders, and it’s true that being part of a group effort is fulfilling, we often overlook the fulfillment that comes from having a clear task and a purpose and attending to it faithfully every day. (And the heroic effort it can take to simply persevere.)

As this article points out, Sisyphus is viewed with derision for the repetitive (seemingly fruitless) task of rolling the boulder up the hill, when in reality, he may have been living out his purpose and gaining dignity in fulfilling it every day.

A good reminder of the heroic, and fulfilling lives around us.


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