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As Memorial Day fades and we turn toward all things summer–festivals, BBQ, lake cabins–two thoughts: (1) This sucks; and (2) This Too Shall Pass. Many years ago when first confronted with the second statement, I hated it (and the person saying it). Irrespective of my feelings however, it turns out to be true. When you hear it during despair or crisis, it implies (correctly) that you will need to do some work to get through it intact. If said during a group crisis, WE need to do some work. The good news is that WE are not alone. Most people don’t want to see us in pain, and are eager to help. However, paraphrasing another quote: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. A This Too Shall Pass mindset doesn’t mean our situation won’t batter us or cause damage-it often does. However, we can choose to work together to avoid or minimize suffering. Here’s an idea–let’s make a commitment to help each other–so this too shall pass, for all of us.

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