Craig Rapp is a nationally recognized speaker, facilitator and consultant who is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations gain clarity on their purpose, focus on what matters and achieve the results they desire.

For over twenty years, Craig was a chief executive in local government–a City Manager in three cities and a senior executive at a regional council. In addition, he was an executive in two privately held companies, the Director of Consulting for an international association, and a Senior Advisor to the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University. Craig was trained in “Life Purpose” facilitation by the renowned purpose expert and best-selling author Richard Leider, and he was trained by, and consulted with the Authentic Leadership Institute. He is certified as a Baldrige evaluator, and is a graduate of the Senior Executive Institute at the University of Virginia.



Craig served as President of a variety of industry and educational associations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, including the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities (now Metro Cities), the Sensible Land Use Coalition, the Metropolitan Area Management Association and the North Hennepin Community College Advisory Board. He also served on the Board of Directors of the League of Minnesota Cities and the Urban Land Institute – Minnesota.



For the past fifteen years, Craig has been speaking, training and consulting in over 30 states and provinces across North America.

Focusing primarily in the public and non-profit sectors, Craig helps individuals and organizations “Envision the Possible, and Make it Achievable.” Through speaking, training and consulting, he helps executives and their organizations clarify their purpose, articulate and align outcomes, and deliver results that matter.



During his career as a local government executive, Craig was known for his innovative thinking and creative responses to tough challenges. He was an early promoter of alternative service delivery, leading consolidation efforts in public safety and public works operations more than 25 years ago. He was also a leader in the field of smart growth, implementing nationally renowned programs addressing affordable housing, transit-oriented development and polluted site cleanup.

As a consultant, Craig brings that same level of creativity and passion to his local government clients, designing and implementing a national award-winning collaboration program between a county and 11 cities, and helping numerous organizations clarify their purpose, align their organization and implement their plans.



Healthy people make a critical difference in the creation and support of healthy organizations.

Healthy people:

  • Interact with others in a respectful, candid manner
  • Have a strong ethical framework based upon a clear set of values
  • Operate from a sense of who they are rather than who they should be
  • Are driven by a purpose greater than themselves
  • Have a life-long commitment to learning and personal development
  • Are resilient- facing challenges and setbacks with determination and equanimity
  • Lead integrated lives-attending to mind, body, spirit and relationships