Improv and Improve

The Leadership and Life Lessons of “Yes, And”

What do Saturday Night Live and The Second City Improv club, have in common with successful people and organizations? They follow the same core principles!

These are just a few of the common attributes that successful “Improvisers” share with high-performing people and organizations. This lively and highly interactive workshop—led by two experienced executives who are also trained improvisers, enables participants to experience and learn the “Yes, And” approach, taught by The Second City to actors and organizations around the world. Participants will emerge energized, and with a plan for applying “Yes, And” to their organization and their life.

Download the Improv and Improve one-page explainer PDF for printing.

Craig Rapp is a nationally known speaker and consultant. He has been a City Manager, an executive in two privately held companies, senior executive at a Regional Planning Council, the Director of Consulting for an International Association–and he has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.

Aida Johnson-Rapp is Director of Group Fitness for the largest sports club in America and a Certified Well Coach. She has been a professional dancer, soldier, cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls, Director of Student Recreation at a University, and Special Events Coordinator for the Mayor of Chicago–and she has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.