Leading in Difficult Political Environments

Leadership is challenging – even in the best circumstances

Using video from real-life board meetings, case studies, interactive exercises and group discussion, this workshop explores the challenges faced by local government leaders when politics reaches the breaking point and dysfunction reigns.

It examines the personal and organizational impacts of deep and protracted conflict, and in particular the effect on leaders when they become the focus of attacks. Learn how to recognize the warning signs of community unrest, gain insight into the leader’s unique role, examine personal and organizational costs, discuss social media’s role, and put the “fun” back in dysfunctional. Craig draws on his unique experiences in the national spotlight working for a celebrity Mayor who also became Governor.

Download the Leading in Difficult Political Environments one-page explainer PDF for printing.

Craig Rapp is a nationally known speaker and consultant. He has been a City Manager, an executive in two privately held companies, senior executive at a Regional Planning Council, the Director of Consulting for an International Association–and he has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.