Optimizing Service, Getting Results

The Myths and Realities of Alternative Service Delivery

This workshop examines shared services, consolidation and alternative service delivery in local government. The current state of practice on the subject of “service optimization” is presented using real world examples and program templates.

Through interactive discussion and group exercises, participants are challenged to consider whether old models really work, what’s truly effective, and whether there are things that government should stop doing. The full range of collaborative approaches, from simple cooperation through privatization and managed competition are discussed. Professional insight from around the country is offered including the examples from a recently published handbook on alternative service delivery that was co-edited by Craig.

Download the Optimizing Service, Getting Results one-page explainer PDF for printing.

Craig Rapp is a nationally known speaker and consultant. He has been a City Manager, an executive in two privately held companies, senior executive at a Regional Planning Council, the Director of Consulting for an International Association–and he has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.