Storytelling for Leaders and Organizations

Using Storytelling to enhance persuasiveness, culture and results

The speed and complexity of modern organizations require leaders to be adaptable and creative, with an ability to drive culture change. The attributes of successful leaders—persuasiveness, authenticity, flexibility and clarity are the same as professionally trained storytellers. This session illustrates how storytelling improves personal and organizational effectiveness, offers an interactive experience for participants, and provides ideas for applying these skills to difficult organizational challenges.

The session is led by two dynamic speakers who have each had long careers filled with change, creativity, and collaboration – and have been trained, and performed Improv and Storytelling at The Second City in Chicago!

Download the Storytelling one-page explainer PDF for printing.

Craig Rapp is a nationally known speaker and consultant. He has been a City Manager, an executive in two privately held companies, senior executive at a Regional Planning Council, the Director of Consulting for an International Association–and he has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.

Aida Johnson-Rapp is Director of Group Fitness for the largest sports club in America and a Certified Well Coach. She has been a professional dancer, soldier, cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls, Director of Student Recreation at a University, and Special Events Coordinator for the Mayor of Chicago–and she has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.