Candid Communication

Learn to confidently handle emotionally charged, challenging conversations

The need for “candid” communication is ever present. From co-worker disagreements to employee feedback sessions to family problems, delivering a message when the stakes are high is difficult. Whether you’re leading an organization or communicating with your spouse, strong emotions, fear of conflict and beliefs about people can derail the best intentions. Cultivating the skills to successfully navigate these situations is important for everyone, especially leaders.

Through interactive discussion, group and individual exercises, participants will learn the principles of candid communication, and be challenged to deliver a message that works. This lively and highly entertaining workshop enables participants to learn, explore, and confidently communicate in challenging environments.

Download the Candid Communication one-page explainer PDF for printing.

Craig Rapp is a nationally known speaker and consultant. He has been a City Manager, an executive in two privately held companies, senior executive at a Regional Planning Council, the Director of Consulting for an International Association–and he has trained and performed Improv at The Second City in Chicago.